2 charged with prostitution after website ads spotted by Myrtle Beach Police

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Two women were charged with prostitution on Thanksgiving after Myrtle Beach Police say they nabbed them in a sting operation stemming from a website advertisement.

 The incident began on Wednesday night when police contacted one of the women who was advertising in a publication called Backpage.com in a section called “Myrtle Beach Escorts,” police said in a report. 

Kimberly Anne Rosenblatt, 21, of Myrtle Beach and Regina Renee King, 30, of Conway were both charged in the incident which police say took place later at a motel near 199 6th Ave N/n Ocean Blvd. 

During an initial contact with officers, Rosenblatt first tried to see if the callers were the police, the report said. 

“(Rosbenblatt) via text message 'are you affiliated with any type of law enforcement',” the police report said. “When officers denied being law enforcement, (Rosenblatt) began conversing with officer over text message.”

 When Rosenblatt finally refused to meet with the undercover officer, police then turned their attention toward King, who had placed a similar advertisement on Backpage.com, police said. 

“While speaking with (King) she agreed to come meet officers in the area of 6th Ave North and Ocean Blvd,” police said. 

There were many detailed messages back and forth over pricing and the type of sex involved, police said. Police did agree that they would pay at least $150 for sex, according to the report. 

Later, King introduced the idea of two women. 

“She sent a text message to officers at 7:41 pm and said ‘would you like 2 girls’. Officer responded ‘how much more’.  Offender two stated ‘2 of us do it for 300’,” according to the police report.

 There was more detailed discussion about pricing for other types of sex and if the women would watch or be actively involved in such sex, police said.

 “King sent via text message a picture of herself and of Rosenblatt. Both pictures that were sent to officer's cellular phone were pictures officers have observed posted on erotic/escort ads on backpage.com,” police said in a report.

 When both women came to meet the undercover officers, they were arrested and booked just after midnight on Thanksgiving, police said. 

In Rosenblatt’s wallet, police found two credit cards that had been issued to a victim of a burglary motel room, in which the victim said cards were taken, police said. 

“Also in Rosenblatt’s wallet was a $20 bill folded around a green leafy substance,” police said in the report. “The green leafy substance weighed .1 grams and tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.” 

King and Rosenblatt were charged with Sex / Prostitution - 1st Offense. Rosenblatt was also charged with simple possession marijuana.

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