49 Departed from Village Voice in the last year

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Hell, they even fired the receptionist.  Have you ever tried to call there!

Here are the names:  

Alexis Weinerman                   Multi Media Account Executive

Andy Kropa                              Contributor         

Anira Guzman                          Advertising Operations Manager   

Averie Timm                            Editorial Intern   

Camille Dodero                       Staff Writer          

Cary Conover                          Contributor         

Catherine Fehre                      Editorial Intern   

Chad Griffith                            Contributor         

Cherry Roldan                         Staff Accountant  

Christa Dwyer Ryan                Associate Publisher                

Christina Ng                             Accounting Supervisor

Clint Gillenwater                     Multi Media Account Executive      

Eli Epstein                                Editorial Intern

Erica Martin                             Editorial Intern   

Esther Zuckerman                   Editorial Intern             

Eudie Pak                                 Senior Associate Editor

Francesca Stabile                    Web Editor

Francis Davis                           Contributor         

Gary Westby                            Multi Media Account Executive      

Harry Siegel                            Staff Writer

Howard Huang                        Contributor         

J. Hoberman                            Staff Writer

Jakob Dorof                             Editorial Intern   

Jason March                             DOTD Advertising Associate Manager    

Jen Doll                                   Staff Writer

Jimmy Ansourian                     Multi Media Account Executive      

Johnie Kendrick                       Systems Analyst  

Lauren Shockey                       Staff Writer

Louise Finnell                          Multi Media Account Executive      

M. Wartella                              Contributor

Melissa Borrack                       Multi Media Account Executive      

Michael Wessner                     Multi Media Account Executive      

Michael Young                         Multi Media Account Executive      

Michelle Hayden-Marsan       Receptionist        

Neidra Wilson                          Multi Media Account Executive      

Olivia Cho                                Editorial Intern

Rebecca Flint Marx                 Staff Writer          

Rosie Gray                               Staff Writer

Sharyn Jackson                        Associate Editor 

Stacey Anderson                     Senior Associate Editor         

Stephanie Phillips                    Editorial Administrative Assistant             

Steven Thrasher                      Staff Writer          

Tricia Callahan                        Editorial Intern   

Victoria Bekiempis                  Staff Writer          

Virginia Sandelli                      Staff  

Ward Harkavy                           Senior Editor       

Ward Sutton                             Contributor         

Willie Davis                              Contributor         

Zoe So                                      Editorial Fellow

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