Advertiser #48 yanks their ads from Village Voice!

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On Friday, we told you about the 49 staffers who departed the Village Voice in the last year.  They even fired the receptionist Michelle Hayden-Marsan! Have you tried calling there recently?  Just for fun, call 212-475-3333. Guaranteed, no matter how many options you choose - you will not be able to talk to a live person. 

Also on Friday, the New York Observer's Foster Kamer broke a story that 3 writers were fired at the Village Voice. On Saturday, BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray scorched the Village Voice, her former employer; "Mike Lacey figured out sex ads on the Internet, but little else. The paper edges toward collapse".   Rosie gave us an evaluation of the Voice's dismal scene based on her experience working there and some details about those who got canned.     

"At the Voice, people found out the hard way. They tried to log onto their accounts and couldn’t. This happened to blogger Victoria Bekiempis and to reporter Steven Thrasher, who still hadn’t spoken with his boss when I called him at 5:30 Friday evening; he learned the extent of the news through texts and tweets, he said. It was a harsh way to go, but fit what the Voice has become."

Saturday also brought us well known Jim Romenesko, who blogs about the media: "Former Village Voice staffer Rosie Gray confirms what I’ve heard in recent weeks — that Village Voice Media has been quietly laying off editorial staffers at its papers around the country, including Phoenix, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Dallas."

Lagging behind, Monday offered us Andrew Beaujon, who tries to fill the void left at the Poynter Institute after Romenesko quit.  Beaujon felt compelled to counter Romenesko.  So he snuggled up to and defended the child trafficking sex ad monsters and tried to offer some damage control by complaining about Rosie's count of Village Voice staffers. Funny how this purported bastion of media ethics comes to the defense of pimps masquerading as journalists.  An odd sense of ethics, indeed.

While, you can count on these paid writers for entertainment and Vegas to offer bets on when the last rites will be read to the Village Voice, we here are VillageVoicePimp.com are happy to provide you with information that does not exist elsewhere:

1. A current count of the known Village Voice child sex trafficking victims.

2. A current count of the known advertisers who have pulled their ads from the Village Voice.

Plus, we throw in our daily coverage of the Village Voice Sex trafficking horror stories.

Which brings us to the item of the day: Advertiser #48 has now yanked their Village Voice ads!

1800printing has informed us:

“I took my ad OUT of there!! :-)    Please let me know if anyone needs printing.”

Therefore 1800printing was ceremoniously moved from our official bad advertisers list to the good.

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