Advertisers Jumping Village Voice Ship grows to 35!

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Protesters urge ad boycott of Village Voice Media

A few items of interest on the developing Village Voice child trafficking scandal:

1. You can always refer to our up-to-date alphabetized list of advertisers jumping ship. Bookmark that page for easy reference.

2. A highly-reliable journalist has reported to us that the prestigious and world-renowned Guggenheim Museum in New York has dropped its advertising with Village Voice Media.

3. Our friends at Change.org and Groundswell report that more advertisers have yanked their ads:

Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse
US Bank

4. Check out this communication from IHOP to the Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson.

5. And last but not least, Village Voice’s attorney has been going on national TV saying that if Village Voice shuts down its child trafficking ad business
then all the crime will go offshore.

That argument has been totally demolished by Congressman Nadler and Maloney who respond to that in the Capital:

“While that may be true, it is also true that if the business transferred to a less prominent location, it might be harder for the casual user to find and, therefore, might make this business less lucrative,” the congressmembers wrote. “Furthermore, when a company like the Village Voice is engaged in selling children or trafficking victims for sex, it legitimizes the industry. Given the magnitude of the business done by Backpage.com involving trafficked persons, it is hard to believe that your controls are as comprehensive as you claim.”

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