Case #153 Felony Criminal Complaint - Tyree Erik Jones

Ramsey County, MN|Sex-Trafficking Minors|Add Comment
By: Court Record
Prosecuted by Office of
Ramsey County Attorney John Choi

State of Minnesota, County of Ramsey,



B.J.B. stated that she came to St. Paul on January 25, 2012, and stayed with Tyree Jones and his girlfriend, later identified as BIONCA ELIZABETH-HELEN MIXON, DOB: 02/05/1989. B.J.B. stated that during this time, Tyree Jones forced her to have sex with him three times and forced her to have sex with many other men in exchange for money. B.J.B. stated that Bionca Mixon would also intimidate and threaten her and told her that if she tried to leave or call her parents that she would be beat up.

Police learned that B.J.B. was developmentally challenged due to having aspeberger’s syndrome and was at a developmental level of approximately a 13-year-old. B.J.B. related that from January 25, 2012 through the time she called police, she had seen approximately 30 men for sex for pay, the majority of them in the first few days when she was 17 years old. She told police that Tyree Jones had put an advertisement on a website called “Backpage” with his phone number on it for the perspective customers to call. B.J.B. stated that all of the sexual acts occurred in Room 851, where police found her. B.J.B. stated that both Tyree Jones and Bionca Mixon threatened to kill her if she left or turned them into police.

Police asked B.J.B. where Tyree Jones and Bionca Mixon were at this time, as she was alone, and she told them that they had left to visit Bionca Mixon’s mother at Regions Hospital. Police verified with the hotel clerk that Tyree Jones rented Room 851, beginning on January 25, 2012, using the Hilton address in Maple Grove as his home address, paying an employee rate. Tyree Jones and/or Bionca Mixon paid for the room every night by either cash or cash and credit card. B.J.B. stated that Bionca Mixon coached her on what to do when she performed the sex acts, including giving her a script of what to say. B.J.B. had to turn over all the money that she received from the male customers to Tyree Jones. B.J.B. stated that Tyree Jones and Bionca Mixon would wait in the hallway stairwell while she performed the sex acts for money. Police verified that Tyree Jones’ phone number was used in the Backpage ad promoting B.J.B.’s prostitution. B.J.B. showed police a spiral notebook in which she had copied what Tyree Jones told her what were the prices for different types of sexual acts including “anal” and “BD” (sex without a condom). B.J.B., because she feared for her life, also had written a note in the back of the notebook that states, “If you find me dead today, Biyonca Mickle did it. Tyree Erik Jones was also involved.”

St. Paul Police immediately went to Regions Hospital where they arrested Bionca Mixon and shortly thereafter arrested Tyree Jones, when he returned to the hotel, Room 851, not knowing that police were present and had been called by B.J.B.

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