Case #167 - Minneapolis Police Sergeant Grant Snyder does it again

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By: Minneapolis Police Arrest Report
Minneapolis Police Sergeant Grant Snyder

Excerpts from below arrest report:

Complainant, Grant Snyder, of the Minneapolis Police Department, has investigated the facts and circumstances of this offense and believes the following establishes probable cause:

On August 25, 2012, Complainant learned that a 17-year-old female, hereinafter referred to as Victim, had an ad posted on Backpage.com for the purpose of prostitution. Complainant contacted the phone number and spoke to Victim who asked for a $200 donation to provide "full service". Based on Complainant's training and experience, he knows this to mean that Victim was asking for $200 for vaginal sex.

Complainant agreed to meet Victim at a hotel in Bloomington, Hennepin County, Minnesota. On his way into the hotel, Complainant observed a black male standing outside using his cell phone to text. Complainant approached the male, later identified as JAMAL JACOB MOORE, the Defendant herein, and asked for a cigarette. While doing so, Complainant observed the word "popo" on the Defendant's phone.

Complainant went into the hotel and went to Victim's room where she was placed under arrest. Complainant spoke to hotel employee at the front desk and learned that Victim's room had been rented by the Defendant. The Defendant also paid for the room. Complainant was shown a copy of the Defendant's driver's license and Complainant noted that it appeared to be the person who had been out front of the hotel.

When Victim was arrested, Officers seized her phone which was then used to send a message to the Defendant. The Defendant then returned to the hotel where he was arrested. Officers located a box of condoms on the Defendant as well as a key card to the hotel.

In a post-Miranda interview, the Defendant admitted that he rented the hotel room for Victim and that he paid cash. The Defendant admitted that he helped Victim set up the Backpage.com ad by taking photographs of her and getting her a pre-paid credit card, which was in his possession, to pay for the ad. The Defendant acknowledged that he knows people use Backpage for prostitution and that the purpose of Victim posting an ad was "to turn tricks". The defendant further admitted sending text messages to Victim regarding any police activity at the hotel.

The Defendant is currently in custody. Minneapolis Police Sergeant Grant Snyder - Arrest of Backpage Pimp

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