An Explosion of Bad News Rocks VIllage Voice

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By: Narmeen Choudhury, KPIX News

Busy reporters across the nation have been covering the heavy attacks on Village Voice‘s child trafficking for the last 24 hours. Since yesterday, headlines blared: “Village Voice helps sell kids for sex”, “Village Voice Sex Ads Opposed By Religious Leaders”, “John Buffalo Mailer Shames Village Voice’s Sex Ads By Bringing Up His Dad”, “Mailer’s son slams weekly father co-founded”, “Village Voice Runs Child Sex Ads”, “Gov. Signs Bill Pressuring Sex Ad Sellers Into Law” and the daily but still disturbing Village Voice backpage type headlines: “Police Make Prostitution Arrest” and “5 Gang Members Arrested For Prostituting High School Girls”.

The normally vociferous Village Voice editor Tony Ortega, who has denigrated anyone daring to criticize his child trafficking ad business, has fallen silent.

Perhaps we also will be somewhat silent today in honor of those who have suffered at the hands of Village Voice.

We will be silent and offer to you a video of John Mailer, son of the founder of Village Voice, courtesy of KPIX News:

"John Buffalo Mailer, the son of one of the co-founders of the Village Voice, says he grew up loving the paper, but on Thursday he spoke against it. Mailer read from a statement prepared by a young woman, who said she was forced into child sex trafficking when she was only 16 years old.

"I know first-hand what happens to young girls who are posted on Backpage.com because I was sold to pimps for over 2 years on the site,' read Mailer.

"A crowd of several dozen people listened intently as a life of abuse and torture was detailed, one the victim said was only exacerbated by sites like Backpage.com, which is run by the Village Voice. Groundswell, a social action initiative of Auburn Seminary, organized the protest in an attempt to call attention to an issue the group feels is being ignored.

"'Right here in New York City and across the country we know that children are being trafficked for sex purposes,' said one protestor

"The main complaint against the Backpage is the adult section, which organizers said becomes a doorway for predators. The group carried shoes representing victims of sex trafficking and dropped them off at the doorsteps of the Village Voice in Cooper Square. They even made it all the way upstairs with petitions consisting of about 250,000 signatures.

"PIX11 reached out to the Village Voice Editor, Tony Ortega, for comment but emails and calls went un-returned"

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