Hang out at Arlene's Grocery who says Adios to Village Voice Account Representative who also apparently says Adios to Village Voice! What?!

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Arlene's Grocery

Need a fun place to hang out?  We recommend a visit to Arlene's Grocery in NYC!

Why?  Read on!

What did Arlene's Grocery have to say to us yesterday?

"Yes, we are aware of the problem and we are discontinuing our business with them asap.  Regretfully, we signed a contract, with a direct debit payment for our ad, therefore you wont immediately see our ad pulled, but please know (and share) that we will not be renewing with the VV."

What did Arlene's' Grocery have to say yesterday to Village Voice?

"Hey Adam, [Adam Weintraub - account representative for Village Voice] we wanna pull our advertising.  Many of our fans, staff, and myself personally feel that the Village Voice are ignoring a responsibility to the community (world) - and Arlene's doesn't want to be a part of that ignorance. I understand we are under contract.  So how does that work if we ask you to discontinue running our ads from today on? If we have to pay, then so be it - but we don't want the ad in the paper.  Thanks, I'm sure you understand."

[In an interesting twist, apparently Adam Weintraub has also said adios to Village Voice!  He is no longer listed on their staff contacts page!]

ABOUT ARLENE'S GROCERY  http://www.arlenesgrocery.net

Arlene's Grocery (yes, it was a grocery) opened its doors in 1995 - breaking ground in the then treacherous Lower East Side. Upcoming bands flocked to the seedy neighborhood to experience the sonic beauty of the smaller 150-capacity room which played host to garage rock, punk, and bohemian newcomers, such as Jeff Buckley.

In the late 1990's the club branched into the butcher shop next door and became two rooms under one roof. As the neighborhood gentrified around them, the Lower East Side became the hub of NYC rock. The club hired a Live Rock N Roll Karaoke band who became an instant hit in the city, attracting New Yorkers and tourists from all over the globe to catch a glimpse of celebrities, such as Moby, belting out AC/DC. Shortly after, Arlene's garnered more attention - becoming home to The Strokes, and then booking a residency by The Bravery, which would land the band a deal, and propel them to fame.

As a handful of live music clubs pop up (and down) around the area, Arlene's holds fast to its intention of nurturing unsigned bands; its attention to the highest quality sound; and remaining an institution in the NYC rock scene.

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