Have a Sandwich at Zito's Sandwich Shoppe

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Zito's Sandwich Shoppe

We here at VillageVoicePimp.com have compiled a list of Village Voice advertisers: http://villagevoicepimp.com/advertisers. Since the advertisers ultimately support Village Voice Media which runs a child trafficking ad business we have labeled these advertisers, the "bad advertisers".    We have found that many of these advertisers pull their ads from Village Voice after finding out about their sordid business.  This morning we were pleasantly surprised to receive a message from yet another advertiser, Zito's Sandwich Shoppe, who tweeted, "get me off this list - I cancelled my advertisements w/ VV."   Therefore, in ceremonious fashion, today we move Zito's Sandwich Shoppe from the "Bad Advertisers" list to the "Good Advertisers" list.   Have a sandwich at Zitos and tell them VillageVoicepimp.com sent you!  Below you will find a menu:

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