Introducing: Drum Roll.... the new Village Voice Pimps!

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Scott Tobias

Scott Tobias, Christine Brennan and Jeff Mars were executives at Village Voice Media - the owner of Backpage.com.

This trio conveniently shed responsibility and the shadow of the horrid Backpage by leaving Village Voice Media with their 13 newspapers in tow. They started a new company called Voice Media Group.

But hold on there Baba Louie!

U.S. Senators have now written to the threesome (see below letter in full) claiming that they are still on the hook and still have responsibility in Backpage:

"We insist that you take the steps necessary to terminate the prostitution advertising on Backpage, and we will continue to hold any current or former Village Voice Media subsidiaries and related successor corporate structures accountable until such action has been achieved."

Therefore, Scott Tobias, Christine Brennan and Jeff Mars are hereby ceremoniously branded with their new deserved titles: "Village Voice Pimps".

If you have good photos of these three, please send to us.   They are needed for the front page of VillageVoicePimp.com. 

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