Lawsuit: 3 Young Girls Sue Village Voice over Sex Trafficking Ads

Pierce County, WA|Village Voice Pimps|Add Comment
By: Superior Court - Washington State - Pierce County
Attorney Michael Pfau, one of the attorneys
representing the girls

Excerpt: Two of the girls were 13 years old and one girl was 15 years old when they ran away from home and became controlled by professional adult pimps who posted advertisements for the girls on the Backpage.com escort website, a website owned, operated, designed, and controlled by the Backpage.com defendants. Hundreds of customers responded to the Backpage.com advertisements, and the girls were all raped by adults multiple times as a result.  The Backpage.com defendants were well aware that their website was being used in this way because they developed and required content to ensure that young girls, like the Plaintiffs, would continue to be advertised in this manner. The Backpage.com defendants did so because of the millions of dollars that they generated from the website every month.

J.S. v. Village Voice Media

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