Man Accused of Forcing 17-year-old Into Prostitution

Albuquerque, NM|Sex-Trafficking Minors|Add Comment

By: Cristina Rodda, KOBTV4

Police arrested an Albuquerque man who they say was selling a 17-year-old for sex. The man, 32 year old Dante McKay, has been charged with promoting prostitution and human trafficking. Police were tipped off by a confidential informant who lead them to McKay who is now accused of setting up a prostitution deal with a 17 year old girl. When  one of the police undercovers contacted the girl on backpage, They agreed to meet here for sex. Once inside the room the girl took nearly 2-hundred dollars in exchange for sex. Before officers met the 17-year old, they saw Mckay leaving the teen's room. After her arrest, they saw him return to the hotel. That's when he was arrested. He's charged with human smuggling because the girl was just 17.

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