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SRB Brooklyn

Another advertiser says "Sayonara Village Voice!"

Yesterday we were contacted by SRB Brooklyn , (Our new place to party!) who said:

"We have pulled our ads. We are moving all our advertisement to Time Out New York."

Hurray for SRB Brooklyn!  Boo to Village Voice Child Trafficking Ads!

Party Time!   Have a Great Weekend!  Party! Party! Party!

SRB Brooklyn

177 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

(718) 499-1700

This is what VIBE magazine had to say last month about SRB Brooklyn

Nightlife is one of the dopest offerings the Big Apple provides (Broadway shows aside!). Whether it’s a spot on the strip of South Street, The Meatpacking District, or just a young person’s bar, NYC has plenty of places to party. When it comes to clubbing, the choices are endless and any give night spot serves up a well blended mix of sonic/lighting/genre cocktails. Venues run the gamut from the small eccentric underground spot with great sound to a 4,000 capacity mega club resembling a small stadium. The velvet rope lifestyle is one of the main things NYC is known for, but where are the best spots?

VIBE has compiled a list of our Top Ten nightlife venues…

Kings of the night (and early morning)…Offering an experience unlike most underground events, this place is large and the decor is surreal. Complete with sunlights in the roof so folks can bask in the rays and keep on dancing when the sun rises, SRB is not for the junior clubber. Boasting a sick sound system, they've heralded parties jam-packed with out of this world vibes and talent.

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