Prostitutes rat out Backpage Pimps; two suspects arrested

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By: Brian New, kens5.com

For years most prostitutes in San Antonio could be found walking down certain streets at certain hours of the night.

These days, however; the San Antonio Police Department says prostitutes are more likely to be found online on websites like Backpage.com.

That's where a 21-year-old and a 23-year-old woman were found and where they agreed to meet at a motel last month off of  Loop 410 near the airport.

Little did they know at the time, the man they were messaging online and the man that would be knocking on their motel room door would be a police officer.

"When they started their escort service they actually solicited an undercover vice officer, and that's how they were caught,” explain SAPD Officer Matt Porter.

In the motel room, according to court records, the two women told officers they worked for Walkers Entertainment, an escort company allegedly run by 24-year-old Justin May and 22-year-old Nathan Alderete.

The women told detectives they met the two men in a chat room on Mocospace.com.  They said they were told they could make a thousand dollars a night.

However, the two women told detectives that May and Alderete have kept every dime.

In the motel room in the 900 block of NE Loop 410, detectives found $1,700 under the bed, an assault rifle, a Glock 9MM handgun, and ledgers.

Detectives say the ledgers have a detailed list of what appears to be every "John" and every transaction.

A SAPD spokesperson said it has yet to be determined if officers will try and track down any of the men listed on the ledgers.

May was arrested earlier this month, while Alderete was arrested this week.

Alderete faces two counts of aggravated promotion of prostitution and two counts of human trafficking.

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