Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson

"Enough is enough. Village Voice Media, shut down the Adult section of your Web site Backpage.com."

The Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson is President of Auburn Theological Seminary in the city of New York, an institution founded in 1818 with a long history of commitment to social causes such as abolition of slavery and womenís rights. Author of "Godís Troublemakers: How Women of Faith are Changing the World" (Continuum, 2006), Henderson is an international leader in theological education. She has pioneered programs for excellence in religious leadership of all faiths and progressive moral leadership in the public square.

Dr. Henderson has spearheaded innovative educational programs, ranging from convening CEOs of major American corporations to review the ethics of their business practice; to multifaith womenís organizing; to infusing mainstream media with responsible engaging religious voices; and the gathering of young leaders from war-torn countries to practice conflict resolution and multifaith understanding through Auburnís flagship youth leadership program, Face to Face/Faith to Faith.

Dr. Henderon has been a leading voice in bringing public awareness to the moral issue of Village Voice Media profiting from sex-trafficking ads. She has organized religious people from many faiths to make their voices heard in this important human rights issue which has resulted in a quarter of a million people signing a petition asking the owners of Village Voice Media to abolish the Adult section of Backpage.com where these ads appear.  She has appeared in the media, organized rallies and has encouraged others to do something about the problem of human beings being sold for sex, many of whom are underage women acting under the very real threat of violence.

Faith Leaders Lead by Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson Rally Against Sex-Trafficking Outisde The Village Voice in New York on March 29, 2012

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