Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

“Village Voice’s Backpage.com is an accelerant of child trafficking.”

Seattle Mayor Michael Patrick McGinn was elected the 52nd mayor of Seattle in November of 2009.

Mayor McGinn received his bachelor's degree, in economics, from Williams College in Massachusetts, and then worked for Oregon Democratic Congressman Jim Weaver as a legislative aide. He moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington Law School and after graduating from law school, McGinn joined the Seattle law firm Stokes Lawrence and later became partner. He chaired the local chapter of the Sierra Club, where he oversaw work on state and local issues, and served on the organization's national political committee.

Before being elected mayor, McGinn also served on many neighborhood and environmental advisory committees, including the Green Ribbon Commission, Transportation Advisory Committee and Urban Sustainability Advisory Panel.

One of the country's first Mayor's to recognize the problem of underage women being sold for sex in his city through ads placed on Backpage.com, Mayor McGinn has taken the bull by the horns and has worked with the police, other mayors and state legislators in an attempt to get the Phoenix based owners of Village Voice Media to become good corporate citizens instead of profiteers who are making their living through the proceeds of sex-trafficking that is taking place on their website. 

Unafraid to call a spade a spade, Mayor McGinn has not been mislead by attempts by representatives of Village Voice Media to sweep the problem under the carpet.  When company spokesperson Liz McDougall published an Op Ed piece in the Seattle Times claiming that Backpage.com was an ally in the fight against human trafficking, the Mayor responded accusing the company of ìdoublespeakî in an attempt to protect their profit margin from the prostitution ads.

He has organized the mayors of other major US cities to join in putting pressure on Village Voice Media to require that persons placing sex-related ads on Backpage.com be required to show in-person identification that they are of legal age and thereby cut the sex-trafficking of minors through the site.  It is now Village Voice Media's move to show whether they put profits above human dignity.

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