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Judge temporarily blocks Wash. sex-trafficking law

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By: The Associated Press

A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked enforcement of a new Washington state law that would require classified advertising companies to verify the ages of people in sex-related advertisements.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez granted a 14-day temporary restraining order sought by the website Backpage.com. Backpage filed suit this week to block the law pending a judge's decision on whether it should be struck down. The law was due to take effect Thursday.

Backpage contends the law is invalid.

Editorial: Backpage.com settlement doesn’t end sex-trafficking fight

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By: Seattle Times Editorial

The Washington Legislature must repeal a new state law requiring online classified advertising companies to verify the ages of people in sex-related advertisements, under a settlement the state reached with Backpage.com.

Backpage.com led to exploitation, says suit involving 2 Pierce girls

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By: SEAN ROBINSON, The News Tribune
They were underage girls. Two were 13, from Pierce County. One was 15, from King County.

They ran away from home, into the arms of the wrong men: pimps who sold them online for sex. Scores of strangers paid by the hour.

Friday, the three young women sued the website Backpage.com, accusing the owners of profiting from misery.

The young women allege ads on Backpage enabled their exploitation, and the site’s owners did nothing to prevent it.

Backpage in court today, arguing on behalf of pimps

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By: Lynne Varner, Seattle Times

U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez is right. Village Voice Media's challenge to Washington's new state law tightening up on sex-ad websites makes for fascinating watching by legal geeks.

State's age-verification law should withstand challenge by Village Voice Media

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By: Editorial, Seattle Times

Washington state's new age-verification requirement for adult ads was narrowly tailored and should withstand judicial scrutiny.

VILLAGE Voice Media has a corporate interest in defending online sex ads. But the owner of Backpage.com should not succeed in scaring Internet businesses with erroneous charges about Washington state's new age-verification law.

Sleazy ads selling sex, sometimes with minors, have nothing to do with legitimate dating sites, blogs, chat rooms and social-networking sites.

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