Minnesota Girls Are Not For Sale

Minneapolis tells Village Voice to Stop sex ads

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Minneapolis leaders, stirred by recent arrests and disturbing stories of teenage girls swept from city streets and sold for sex on a popular website, on Thursday called upon the owner of Backpage.com to stop running exploitative ads that enable juvenile prostitution.

Changes in Minnesota law will help protect victims of child prostitution

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By: Jeff Goldberg, myfoxtwincities.com

As a victim of sex trafficking from age 15 to 37, Joy Friedman knows the meaning of pain.

But as a communications specialist with Breaking Free, a group that helps victims of prostitution – many of them children, Joy is finally now seeing action.

"It's about time someone has gotten up and did something," she said.

Currently in Minnesota, children arrested for involvement in prostitution are charged with misdemeanors, and become part of the juvenile justice system.

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