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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Crushes Arguments of Village Voice

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By: Anderson Cooper, CNN

May 17, 2012 - Transcript – Anderson Cooper Attorneys General Call for Backpage.com to End Adult Services Ads -

COOPER: The most popular Internet site for escorts is called BackPage.com. And in recent weeks we’ve reported on growing pressure by law enforcement officials and anti-sex trafficking groups for BackPage to shut down its adult services section, the section where authorities say underage girls are sometimes sold for sex.

Case #173 - Minneapolitans Take No Crap

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By: Arrest Report

Minneapolis Police sergeant Grant Snyder arguably has made more Village Voice Backpage pimp arrests than any law enforcement officer in the country.

If any law enforcement agency could let us know of any officer anywhere who has made close to the number of Sergeant Snyder’s arrests, we would appreciate it.  Otherwise, until notified, Sergeant Snyder is the unofficial, undisputed champion of Backpage.com arrests.

State attorneys general reject Backpage demand

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By: Attorney General of Washington

The state Attorneys General investigating Backpage.com’s adult services advertisements have rejected a demand by Backpage.com that the attorneys general stop asking for the site’s adult services sections to be taken down.

In a recent letter, Backpage.com’s general counsel, Liz McDougall indicated that the company would not agree to further conversations with attorneys general unless officials agreed in advance that they would not call for the elimination of adult ads on the site.

Is Backpage.com Sex Trade Central?

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By: Anderson Cooper, CNN

Backpage.com is accused of being a marketplace for pimps to peddle prostitution and exploit young women. The company says there’s nothing illegal about it, though 51 attorneys general want to shut it down.

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