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36 companies dump Village Voice over child sex-trafficking / prostitution ads

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By: Sonoran News

36 companies dump Village Voice over child sex-trafficking / prostitution ads
Stop advertising alongside pedophiles in Phoenix New Times, pleads McCaffrey

Village Voice Not Backing Down After 27 Companies Pull Ads

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By: Mallory Russell, Business Insider

Twenty seven major advertisers, including H&M, AT&T, and Ikea, have pulled their ads from Village Voice Media due to the company’s alleged links to child sex trafficking.

Justin Wassel, a minister from Ohio, started a Change.org campaign asking U.S. companies to pull advertising from Village Voice Media after one of its properties, Backpage.com, was accused of allowing advertisements that support child sex trafficking.

Seattle Mayor Sends New Letter to Village Voice CEO

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By: Erica C. Barnett, Publicola

Mayor Mike McGinn has written a letter to Village Voice Media CEO Jim Larkin expressing concerns about Backpage.com, the VVM-owned classified site that has been implicated in a long string of underage prostitution charges.

In the letter, McGinn noted that the policies VVM claimed they had in place to prevent pimps from trafficking underage prostitutes do not appear to be working; last month, for example, Seattle police rescued a 17-year-old girl who was posting Backpage ads for herself on a public library computer on behalf of her pimp, who remains at large.

Boycott—Pfizer Ad Gone—Hooters Next!

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Although we have no official confirmation from Pfizer’s spokesperson MacKay Jimeson (MacKay.Jimeson@pfizer.com, Cell: 347.439.5647), the Pfizer ad has been yanked from the Village Voice website: http://www.villagevoice.com/adIndex/pfizer-15570/1537720/ and no Pfizer ad can be found. Let’s see if we can get a confirmation from MacKay today that Pfizer has yanked their advertising!

Although Groundswell has targeted 50 Village Voice advertisers we selected our own advertisers to contact. (based on their big names and newsworthy value)

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