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Sen. Kohl-Welles not about to give up on human-trafficking battle

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By: John Stang, Crosscut

It was a notorious murder in her second year as a state representative that turned Jeanne Kohl-Welles into the Washington Legislature's point-woman on human trafficking issues.

In 1995, Timothy Blackwell shot and killed four people in the King County Courthouse, including his Filipina mail-order bride Susana, whom he abused. A similar case materialized in 2000 when Indle King Jr. helped strangle his Russian mail order bride, Anastasia.

California Attorney General: “Backpage.com needs to shut itself down."

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By: Axel Hellman , neontommy.com

At a Human Trafficking Leadership Symposium in Los Angeles, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, as well as the U.S. labor secretary and Mexico's attorney general, came together to affirm their commitment to fighting human trafficking.

Targeting Child Sex Trafficking

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By: Tazeen Ahmad, connectionnewspapers.com

Child sex trafficking, a global epidemic, has not been a problem commonly associated with suburban Northern Virginia, one of the nation’s most affluent regions. That all changed with the recent convictions of several members of violent gangs, like MS-13 and the Underground Gangster Crips (UGC), who were charged and sentenced for trafficking teenage girls into prostitution in the commonwealth.

Girls for rent

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By: Sanne Specht, Mail Tribune

Jennifer pulls her long, dark hair to one side and exposes the fading tattoos on the back of her neck.

"I was branded by my pimps," says the Rogue Valley mother of three.

The two neck brands are almost gone. Another pimp's tattoo on her lower back already has been covered up, she says.

But erasing the scars on Jennifer's psyche has not been as easy. Jennifer, now 31, has asked that her real name not be used to protect herself and her family members.

Trafficking victim works to help others forced into prostitution

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By: Mitch Mitchell, Star Telegram

Katherine Moon says she was 13 when she was forced into prostitution. By the time she was 20, she had worked for 13 pimps.

Moon will join Traffick911, a nonprofit group in Keller on Saturday for a 5K and One Mile Fun Run to raise money for a regional safe house for victims of child sex trafficking. As an advocate for Traffick911, Moon, now 22, said she is telling her story to prevent other children from making the mistakes she made.

Senators Demand Village Voice Adult Services Site Be Shuttered

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By: Rosie Gray , buzzfeed.com

A bipartisan group of senators Friday demanded that the executives who own the Village Voice shut down the parent company's online adult advertising site that has been linked to the trafficking of underaged girls.

U.S. Senator Slams Village Voice Pimps

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By: Javier Manjarres, shark-tank.net

Senator Marco Rubio was given a tour of a secret “stash house” that is used by organized human trafficking rings and then addressed the media to call the public’s attention to the illegal multi-billion dollar a year human trafficking industry. Rubio pulled no punches when he called out the liberal Village Voice media outlet for its “egregious” exploitation of young women who are part of the growing human trafficking epidemic that is increasingly gripping the country.

Professor: 80% of adult ads on backpage.com sell sex

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By: Lindsey Reiser, CBS5

An ASU professor has teamed with the Phoenix Police Department to crack the codes of classified ads that are suspected of pimping underage girls.

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz worked hand-in-hand with Phoenix police to learn the language used in these ads, all in an effort to learn about the modern-day sex business and how to rescue these men and women.

"Prostitution doesn't look as it did five years ago or even 10 years ago," said Roe-Sepowitz.

She and her students printed out a week's worth of Phoenix Backpage.com ads in the adult services section.

Human trafficking is your problem, too

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By: Melissa Harris-Perry Blog

This is a guest post from one of our guests today, FAIR Girls executive director Andrea Powell, written prior to her appearance today.

Human trafficking isn’t something that happens "over there." I know this because as co-founding Executive Director of FAIR Girls, I spend my days side by side with girls from all over America who have been bought and sold like commodities. FAIR Girls helps hundreds of victimized girls each year become safe, healthy, and restored survivors.

President Obama: Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

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By: President Obama, The White House

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Appreciate it.  Please, please, everybody have a seat. 

Well, good afternoon, everybody.  And, President Clinton, thank you for your very kind introduction.  Although I have to admit, I really did like the speech a few weeks ago a little bit better.  (Laughter.)  Afterwards, somebody tweeted that somebody needs to make him "Secretary of Explaining Things."  (Laughter.) Although they didn’t use the word, "things."  (Laughter.) 


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