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Village Voice newspaper chain to split from Backpage.com

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By: Chris Francescani and Nadia Damouni, Reuters

Village Voice Media (VVM) will split off from its controversial Backpage.com online advertising site and create a new company for its struggling chain of alternative weekly newspapers and websites, VVM president Scott Tobias said.

Fired! Tony Ortega - Defender of the Child Sex Trafficking Ad Biz

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A work of photoshop art by our resident renowed NYC artist Leslie Tucker.

You can see more of her work here: http://villagevoicepimp.com/village-voice-art-exhibition-online

Save Yourself, Tony.

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By: Burt Kozloff , thedailycannibal.com

"It just keeps getting worse, Tony. And it won't stop."

Village Voice Deathwatch 9.14.12

Dear Mr. Ortega:

For years now, you have been defending your company, Village Voice Media, for operating  backpage.com, by far the nation’s largest online trafficker in child prostitution.  You have excused this abomination with the lamest of arguments, all of which we have cited here for two years now.

Flash Pickets

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By: VillageVoicePimps.com

In October 2011, Philip J. Cenedella of the National Association of Human Trafficking Victim Advocates organized and pulled off the very first protest of Village Voice’s backpage. When the “Editor-in-Chief” of the Village Voice, Tony Ortega, visited Cal State Fullerton, Cenedella and his troops were waiting for him armed with picket signs and chants of “Stop Sex Trafficking!” Mr. Cenedella may also be the first to implement a new tactic called the “Flash Picket”. We soon shall see.


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