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Judge temporarily blocks Wash. sex-trafficking law

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By: The Associated Press

A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked enforcement of a new Washington state law that would require classified advertising companies to verify the ages of people in sex-related advertisements.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez granted a 14-day temporary restraining order sought by the website Backpage.com. Backpage filed suit this week to block the law pending a judge's decision on whether it should be struck down. The law was due to take effect Thursday.

Backpage contends the law is invalid.

Backpage.com sues over Wash. sex-trafficking law

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By: GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press

The website Backpage.com sued the state of Washington on Monday, saying a new law that would require classified advertising companies to verify the ages of people in sex-related advertisements is invalid, even if it has a laudable goal.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Crushes Arguments of Village Voice

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By: Anderson Cooper, CNN

May 17, 2012 - Transcript – Anderson Cooper Attorneys General Call for Backpage.com to End Adult Services Ads -

COOPER: The most popular Internet site for escorts is called BackPage.com. And in recent weeks we’ve reported on growing pressure by law enforcement officials and anti-sex trafficking groups for BackPage to shut down its adult services section, the section where authorities say underage girls are sometimes sold for sex.

NY Times – She Has a Pimp’s Name Etched on Her

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By: Nicholas D, Kristof, New York Times

We think of branding as something ranchers do to their cattle. But it’s also what pimps do to women and girls they control across America.

Taz, a 16-year-old girl here in New York City, told me that her pimp had branded three other girls with tattoos bearing his name. When she refused the tattoo, she said, he held her down and carved his name on her back with a safety pin.

MSNBC Exposing Backpage.com

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By: Mekussa Harris-Perry, MSNBC

Melissa Harris-Perry interviews Actress Mira Sorvino, a Goodwill Ambassador, and Rachel Lloyd, executive director of Girls Educational Mentoring Services as they shine light on child sex-trafficking and the policies that criminalize the victims of the vicious cycle. Rev. Dr. Katherine Henderson and Liz McDougall, General Counsel for Village Voice Media, later enter the conversation as it shifts to the outrage against The Village Voice for its website, Backpage.com, that critics allege facilitates child sex-trafficking.

Nightline Exposes Village Voice's Sex Trafficking Ads

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By: Cynthia McFadden, ABC Nightline

Most of Megan's bedroom is filled with the paraphernalia of a typical teenage girl -- piles of T-shirts, posters of her favorite stars, some stuffed animals she hasn't quite outgrown.

But then she goes to her closet and digs out a pair of sky-high silver stilettos. They are a glimpse into another kind of life -- the memory of which haunts her.

"I made my pimp about over $30,000 and I got nothing out of it," said Megan, who is just 17. "The most I've gotten is a pair of heels."

Case #244 - Guilty verdict for pimp of 14-year-old

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By: John Hult, Argus Leader

A Sioux Falls jury has returned a guilty verdict for a man accused of forcing a teenage girl to work as a prostitute last winter.

Jurors deliberated for about two hours before returning verdicts of guilty for Emmanuel Nyuon, 34, who was charged with sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.

Case #242 & 243 - Bremerton police break up commercial sex ring involving minor victims

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By: KEVAN MOORE , Bremerton Patriot

Since December of 2012, detectives with the Bremerton Police Department have been working a rape and human trafficking investigation involving two juvenile victims (ages 16 and 17) and one adult victim. To date, five individuals have been arrested and charged for their involvement and are currently in-custody at the Kitsap County Jail. Two others have been charged with felonies, but are currently out of custody.


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