Village Voice Needs a Reality Check

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By: Yasmin Vafa, Salon

Last week, the general counsel for Village Voice Media Holdings, the company that owns the online classifieds site, Backpage.com, wrote an op-ed to The Seattle Times entitled “Backpage.com is an ally in the fight against human trafficking.” Not only is this statement a misleading and offensive characterization of Backpage’s position, it is also staunchly refuted by law enforcement nationwide.

Expert Debunks Village Voice Argument

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By: Tracy Clark-Flory, SALON

Village Voice‘s attorney Liz McDougall has warned that shutting down the adult section of Backpage will drive criminal traffic underground and offshore. McDougall’s argument is debunked in the below Salon article. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, when Craigslist shuttered its adult section the total volume of ads dropped dramatically, and most of that has not come back. The NCMEC president, Ernie Allen, said that if Backpage were to do the same thing it would dramatically reduce the scale and scope of the problem.

Girls Sold Online for Sex - Backpage.com Defends Decision to Keep Ads Up

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By: Kate Hinman and Melia Patria, ABC Nightline

Most of Megan’s bedroom is filled with the paraphernalia of a typical teenage girl — piles of T-shirts, posters of her favorite stars, some stuffed animals she hasn’t quite outgrown.

But then she goes to her closet and digs out a pair of sky-high silver stilettos. They are a glimpse into another kind of life — the memory of which haunts her.

“I made my pimp about over $30,000 and I got nothing out of it,” said Megan, who is just 17. “The most I’ve gotten is a pair of heels.”

Village Voice's Backpage Linked to Detroit Murders

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By: Tony Stark, Village Voice Pimps

Underage sex trafficking, assault and now murder – all linked to the sex trafficking and prostitution ads in the adult section of Village Voice Media’s Backpage.com.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the slayings last December of four Detroit women whose bodies were discovered in car trunks.

The killings were widely dubbed by the press as the “Backpage murders,” after three of the women placed online escort ads on the site, police said.

Village Voice - Undercover Op Leads to Trafficking Charges

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By: Karen Jordan, WLS-TV Chicago

(CHICAGO)– Authorities are calling it a major human sex trafficking operation on the streets of Chicago. Nine people are charged in connection with the prostituting of women and children.

Police say the operation is tied to Chicago gangs.

Prosecutors say children as young as 12 were the victims of the sex trafficking operation conducted on Chicago’s South and West sides.

Investigative Journalist Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in the coverage of human rights issues and has reported extensively on child sex trafficking.

Liz McDougall - Village Voice Backpage Attorney

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By: Tony Stark, Village Voice Pimps

Now that a bipartisan group of U.S. senators has joined the national effort to get Village Voice Media-owned web site Backpage.com to shut down its adult ads, it’s only a matter of time before company attorney Elizabeth McDougall (see video below) pays a trip to Capitol Hill.


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