U.S. Senator Slams Village Voice Pimps

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By: Javier Manjarres, shark-tank.net

Senator Marco Rubio was given a tour of a secret “stash house” that is used by organized human trafficking rings and then addressed the media to call the public’s attention to the illegal multi-billion dollar a year human trafficking industry. Rubio pulled no punches when he called out the liberal Village Voice media outlet for its “egregious” exploitation of young women who are part of the growing human trafficking epidemic that is increasingly gripping the country.

"I want to take a moment to call attention to one of the most egregious things going on across our country, and that’s Village Voice Media, who runs a number of newspapers around our country, including the New Times here in Miami-Dade County and actively, actively advertising the services of some of these young girls. Actively, you can go on there and buy a human being for two hours, and you can do that on advertising going on in newspapers being printed in this very town by Village Voice Media. It is an outrage. They make millions and millions of dollars selling human beings in this country." – Senator Marco Rubio

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